2 June 2020


Sonia B Textiles was a magical place to escape to, but it has come to the end of its journey.


I need to be authentic and let you know that I have fallen out of love with what I am/was doing.

Sonia B Textiles might re-emerge or evolve into something else. However, for a while now I have been waiting for that sense of wanting to create to return.


Thank you to everyone who has supported me on my venture. Your support, your showing up and encouragement won't be forgotten. I hold these people close to my heart and I couldn’t have shown up to the markets without you by my side.


I haven’t felt “creative” for some time now. Those of you that know me well, know that the last few years have not been easy.


Thanks for reading, thanks for liking and take care of yourselves and everyone you love.

 Sonia x x x