The Story So Far...

Welcome to Sonia B Textiles!  My name is Sonia and I am a Textiles Designer and Maker, based in the very leafy North of London. Sonia B Textiles was created as  an outlet to  engineer  printed and embellished textiles and accessories.


I love to create content for everyone starting their creative journey and you can check out that content by visiting my   blog for free embroidery templates, reviews and updates on my journey also.

I graduated from a Fashion Textiles degree, specialising in print for fashion in 2011. I have since gone on to teach in higher education, and I have been working with digital printing and embroidery technologies that have formed the basis of my personal and freelance work today.

Many of my print designs are inspired by shapes and nature and they begin as painterly strokes onto paper, that are then digitally manipulated to achieve the bright and playful prints. These are then printed onto a large format printer that prints directly onto the chosen fabric.

Similarly, you'll find our digitally embroidered patches and some of our accessories have been embellished using CAD technologies. I have a love for hand stitched and computer manipulated designs so my direction can flow either between or into each other at any time.

Our ethos is to create consciously. These everyday accessories have been born out of a reaction to reject  fast fashion trends and high street chains, that take advantage of  mass producing goods in lower economic countries where highly skilled people don't get paid a fair wage.


I am passionate about creating accessories that are affordable and long lasting. Connecting the maker (me) to my  customers is something that is echoed throughout the design to dispatch process.

If you would like to learn more about the process behind any of the accessories I create,  please feel free to drop me a message.